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Large Pre-Engineered Metal Building Frame

Sustainable Building in Crystal Lake, IL

Direct Steel and Construction utilizes LEED AP and Green Associate credentials to address the total impact on resources needed to build, operate, and reuse a building.

U.S. Green Building Council Leed Certified

Why Sustainable Construction?

The benefits of the sustainable building can be generally categorized in the following ways; environmental benefits, economic benefits, and social benefits.

Leed Green Association

Sustainable Building in Crystal Lake, IL

Green Buildings in Crystal Lake, IL

Environmental Benefits

The whole purpose behind the sustainable building in Crystal Lake, IL, is to preserve our environment and avoid the depletion of the earth’s natural resources. When sustainable substitutions are made throughout each phase of the project’s development it allows us to:

  • Protect the Ecosystem
  • Improve Air and Water Quality
  • Reduce Waste Streams
  • Waste Reduction
  • Reduce Emissions
  • Conserve Water
  • Conserve and Restore Natural Resources
  • Temperature Control

Economic Benefits

Not only does sustainable building improve the quality of our environment but it also can provide economic benefits. By using sustainable materials, reducing energy consumption, and improving water efficiency it may enable you to:

  • Helps Aid in the Expansion of the “Green Market”
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Optimize the Life Cycle of the Building
  • Increase Property Value
  • Improve Occupants Attendance and Productivity

Social Benefits

Although the environmental and economic benefits of green buildings are well known, there can be many social benefits of green buildings. By improving indoor environmental quality you can:

  • Improve Occupants Comfort and Health
  • Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Environment
  • Minimizes Strain on Local Infrastructure
  • Increases Occupants Overall Morale
  • Improves Worker Productivity

Contact us in Crystal Lake, Illinois, to go over our sustainable construction methods in detail.


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"Direct Steel was a godsend on this project. Thank you sincerely for the help you provided me. I doubt whether we could have wrapped up the project successfully without your good work early on. I will be looking for future opportunities to partner with you again."

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Goals
FAR 52.223-22

Public Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Goals-Representation (Dec 2016)

Direct Steel and Construction provides general contracting, construction management and owner’s representation services and as such does not generate significant greenhouse gas emissions. The company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1% per year.