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Large Pre-Engineered Metal Building Frame

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in Crystal Lake, IL

Metal buildings are also referred to as Steel Buildings or Pre-engineered metal building. These structures offer many advantages to other construction types:

Durability - The durability of metal in construction has widely recognized advantages:

  • Last much longer than structures made of wood. Steel buildings offer low maintenance cost compared to wood buildings which deteriorate more rapidly, leaving the owner with costly continued maintenance.
  • Designed to withstand everything from heavy rain, snow, high winds, and earthquakes.
  • Fire Resistant – Steel is more resistant to fire than wood.

Versatility – Pre-engineered metal buildings in Crystal Lake, IL, may utilize clear space (no interior columns). As such, the floor plan can be much more flexible than traditional buildings. A wide-open interior space and no maximum size can accommodate a wide variety of occupants. The space can be retail, office, or even manufacturing.

Speedy Assembly – Unlike traditional construction that can take months and months to complete, erecting pre-engineered metal or steel buildings is much quicker.

Cost Efficient – Pre-engineered metal buildings are cost-efficient. As the buildings are designed to exacting requirements, typically much less steel used; thus reducing costs. Additionally, unlike traditional construction, there are seldom delays in metal or steel building construction.

Energy Efficient – Pre-engineered metal buildings allow for insulation to meet the increasing demands of energy code requirements.

Environmentally Friendly – Pre-engineered metal buildings are manufactured from steel which is recycled more when compared to other materials. Steel also can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing strength.  Debris from the pre-engineered metal buildings from demolition goes to recycling plants rather than landfills.  

General and Commercial Contractor in Crystal Lake, IL

Environmentally Friendly Construction in Crystal Lake, IL

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in Crystal Lake, IL

"It is always a great experience to work with Direct Steel on projects. They are very competitive and their proposals are detailed. They go the extra mile to assist when opportunities arise. With their knowledgeable Project Managers, I know the project will be completed right. I would highly recommend Direct Steel."

See What Others Are Saying ~ Marc Gilman, JJ Henderson

Varco Pruden (VP) Buildings

Steel Systems Construction – 1,001 Options – The Ultimate Building Solution

Varco Pruden
Varco Pruden Buildings specializes in the computer-aided design of pre-engineered metal buildings & steel systems construction.

Through the use of the company’s advanced engineering programming, Varco Pruden combines steel structural materials with virtually any exterior finish to create metal buildings that are energy efficient and provide years of trouble-free performance. Working alongside Direct Steel and Construction, architects, and engineers, Varco Pruden provides aesthetically appealing buildings with optimum functionality.

It's no wonder pre-engineered metal building system construction is the fastest-growing construction method.

Why choose Varco Pruden Buildings?

 Varco Pruden:

  • Works alongside a network of builders, architects, and engineers.
  • Is one of the largest manufacturers of building systems in the world fabricating more than 6,000 buildings each year.
  • Utilizes computer-aided design and engineering techniques and the latest assembly systems.
  • Combines steel structural materials with virtually any exterior finish to create energy-efficient buildings that provide years of trouble-free performance.
  • Offers attractive, cost-efficient spaces you can customize.
  • Creates a finished product that can incorporate glass, brick, stone, or concrete aspects.
  • Manufactures nonresidential buildings, including warehouses, office buildings, schools, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores.
  • Has a Fast-Track program which combines advanced quality control techniques with high-grade construction materials and incorporates solid engineering standards into all structures.
  • Has over 50 years of experience as a general and commercial contractor.

Varco Pruden Buildings has 5 manufacturing locations in North America and sells its products through a network of authorized builders, including Direct Steel and Construction. Varco Pruden Buildings has earned its excellent reputation in the metal building and construction industries. When you add this kind of first-rate quality to quick turnaround times and cost-efficient pricing, the result is one of the best metal buildings you can buy.

"While one may not initially think of construction as being a personal heartfelt experience, it is very personal when building a space you have dreamed of for years. To have your own plan become a reality, needs the attentive ear of the company doing the construction to not just build, but to create your masterpiece with their skill and work intertwined. The quality and confidence that working with Direct Steel… offered, is an invaluable resource when embarking on a project where success has such a personal value."

See What Others Are Saying ~ Drs. Preston and Liesl Kaye, Kaye Eyecare of Huntley, Ltd.